Engagement Rings: What Does The Color Of Your Diamond Mean?

Published on 01/26/2021

When it comes to popping the big “Will You Marry Me” question, most of the time it is followed by a big, traditional diamond ring. However, recently a lot of ladies prefer something much more unique and even with a pop of color. Not only are colored gemstones and diamonds a beautiful way to personalize your engagement ring but many of these special gemstones have a much deeper meaning.  Even our favorite celebs such as Blake Lively and Kate Middleton have opted for gorgeous colored engagement rings. Colored diamonds and stones in every color are quickly becoming the hottest wedding trend. Keep reading to see what your color diamond means or symbolizes.

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Engagement Rings: What Does The Color Of Your Diamond Mean?


If your engagement ring is a bright vivid blue that looks very similar to the tropical ocean, then you have an Aquaramine ring. Regardless of there being different blue gemstones, the Aquarmine is regarded as the most unique and elegant option. This timeless piece will not only be your “something blue” but will be something that you will love years down the line.

Champagne Diamond

Also known as a golden brown diamond, champagne diamonds are both sophisticated and gorgeously modern. This makes for one of the most stunning engagement rings at the moment. These diamonds can range in color from light brown to darker shades, resembling the color of champagne. If you’re wanting something more unique with plenty of personality, this is just the one for you!


Ruby rings often represent passion, courage, and safety. Its intense red color is the ultimate symbol of love and was even once the stones of the ancient kings and queens, which is why it makes for a real regal choice. And yes, rubies do come in a variety of different shades so there is definitely a ring out there for everyone!


Emeralds are often said to be the perfect wedding ring that also symbolizes a happy and successful marriage. In recent years, the emerald has become one of the most popular engagement and wedding rings. People also claim that this stone has many calming powers which may be why emeralds have been worn by many famous women such as Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor, and even Halle Berry.

Pik Diamond

Pink diamonds are amongst the rarest of gemstones which is why their meaning and symbolism are so much more special. Pink diamonds embody ample amounts of love, creativity, femininity, and romance. This diamond is often very pricey and usually seen worn by the rich and famous. But, if you’re looking for a ring that is completely flawless and show-stopping, a pink diamond ring is exactly what you should have on your ring finger.