Top 5 Must-Have Apps For All Dog Parents

Published on 09/14/2020

“Dogs are not our whole life but they make your life whole”. Having a furry best friend is definitely like having the most loveable family member, right? However, when it comes to taking care of our pets, it can sometimes be quite a struggle. But thanks to modern times and technology, there are now countless applications that are available for all pet parents. From training tips to community meetups, we’ve got all your needs covered. Here’s a look at some of the best dog apps that will help make you and your dog’s life a lot easier.

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Top 5 Must-Have Apps For All Dog Parents


WeRescue is possibly one of the best apps out there at the moment. It has been designed to make pet parenting so much easier and the application is available on both iOs and Android. So how exactly does WeRescue work, well it’s very much like a dating app but obviously for those looking for dogs. You, as the parent get to swipe through pet photos until you think you’ve found the perfect match for you. The app allows you to find the right dog with different filters, such as a breed, personality, and size.


Puppr is a relatively new app but has become very popular in the last few months. The app includes step-by-step photo instructions and a built-in clicker to help you train your dog. The lessons cover everything from basic obedience training to more advanced tricks. Puppr has earned some amazing reviews and has been used by some real-life dog trainers too. The app also allows doggy moms and dads to get their training questions answered as well as to choose from over 50 tricks. Don’t forget to set your daily training reminder! Both you and your pup will absolutely adore this app.

Pet First Aid

Another free app that is available on both Android and iOs is called Pet First Aid. It is considered to be one of the best applications for all dog lovers and owners who are always looking to avoid being overly worried about their furry children. The app has been easily designed to avoid emergencies, it helps you know exactly how to treat your pet at home, instead of having to rush to the vet for every small issue that arises. Pet First Aid was initially created by the  American Red Cross and presents many options on how to check your pet’s health. Trust us- it is the ultimate guide, it even helps you locate vets and nearby hospitals in case of emergencies.


BarkHappy is a great app for all dog owners that helps you discover a community of other dog owners nearby. It’s packed of excellent features that make finding other dog friends so much easier. BarkHappy provides a map that shows local dog-friendly places to bring your furry best friends, such as hotels, parks, and restaurants. This app is considered to be one of the top apps for all dog lovers who want to build a local pet community.


PetCoach is another amazing free application that is available to both iOS & Android users. The applications allowers pet parents to find all the answers to their questions. Most of these are answered by trainers, vets, and other professionals. It’s an extremely helpful app that you should definitely download now!