Breaking Out During Quarantine? We Have A Few Tips!

Published on 07/21/2020

Finding your skin is drastically changing during the quarantine period? There is naturally reasoning behind this. When life drastically changed in mid-March and our day-to-day lives were changed in an instant, something changed with our skin too. Everyone’s stress levels spiked since this was something many had never experienced nor dreamt of experiencing. Living for the most part indoors is having an impact on everyone’s skin. Some for the better and some for the worst. Some people are reporting that their skin is breaking out and reacting horribly to the new way of life, whereas others are reporting the best skin they have ever had. Stress plays a major role in your skin’s reaction as stress causes your cortisol levels to rise which then results in an overproduction of sebum, which is oil. This oil and increased inflammation usually cause spots and acne flare-ups. Here are a few things you can do to try and regulate your skin again.

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Breaking Out During Quarantine? We Have A Few Tips!

Change-Up Your Diet

Unhealthy snacks, sweet treats and comfort food have become somewhat a place of refuge in these uncertain times. There is a direct link between what you are putting in your stomach and what is happening on your skin. Food not only gives us life and supports our nutrient needs but it also kills bacteria. Thus, if you are eating unhealthily and your gut environment is unstable and filled with toxins these then get freed in to the body, often resulting in pimples and other bad symptoms.


Maskne is the newest term that refers to ‘mask acne.’ This term houses the effects and outcomes of the way masks affect your skin, not beauty face masks but the masks that we are all wearing to protect ourselves from encountering any germs or disease at the moment. These masks when worn for long periods of time can cause acne mechanica- which s a form of acne stemming from heat, sweat, and friction. Material masks hold other types of pore-clogging substances thus, it is important to wash the mask and your face regularly in order to ensure that from both sides you are being as clean as possible when it comes to irritating ad changing the skins normal routine.

Fix Up Your Sleeping Habit

Many individuals have really messed up their sleeping habits, something about being at home more that makes us want to stay up extra late but still wake up early and get going, or in some cases sleep the day away. If you are sleeping less your skin once again experiences extra release of sebum as sleep reduces cortisol levels, your stress hormone levels, which in turn regulates many bodily functions. Trying to implement a routine, one that ensures you get enough hours each day will really help your skin and not only that but your mental state and bodily state overall. It is important to not pick and touch your skin too much, more time at home means more time to analyze- this will do no good.